About Us


Shakti is made up of a small, tight knit and eclectic team of individuals who take great pleasure in helping to create a world where you, too, can create your own rituals. When you become a part of the Shakti community you help us in supporting a belief that collective consciousness is alive and real, and we all have the power to create positive change, one lovely thought at a time.

Without fail, every time you contact Shakti you will speak directly to one of our hardworking and dedicated staff. Their deep love for empowering progression, growth, healing, and acceptance are the embodiment of Shakti.

As if you’re walking into a much-needed deep breath, visiting Shakti imparts an immediate feeling of comfort and ease. You’ll be drawn into crystals of every sort that radiate joyful healing energy and you’ll know they’re well loved. We take pride in our store and cleanse it daily to keep everything in it feeling tangibly light, airy, and happy. Rebecca is a real-life treasure hunter, travelling the world for all the unique, irreplaceable items you see in our shop. If you’re a die-hard treasure seeker and Shakti regular, you may even be lucky enough to request an artifact mission for specific items while she’s away!


Shakti is a small, unique, family run store in the epicentre of Osborne Village in Winnipeg, Canada. Family has always been the life-blood pumping through the heart of Shakti, from it’s origins to now. The idea of Shakti was born on Rebecca’s travels earlier in life with her four small children at her side. They embarked on many wild adventures through India, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Guatemala and Mexico, drinking up culture along the way. During those years a love for global community and a thirst for ancient knowledge grew within each one of them. Thus, Rebecca began building up her dreams of making ancient healing medicines, tools, rituals, and practices more readily available for those seeking a little “something more” in their life. Her dream soon became a reality, and in 2010 Shakti was brought into being. Adorned in crystals, beads, meditation tools, jewellery, tapestries, ancient artifacts and inspiration, she is truly a thing of beauty.


A powerful woman, and almost a mythical creature, you can sometimes catch the elusive Rebecca in the store between travel dates. She still does all the travelling and buying herself and is always expanding her search to new countries. Few of us have had the privilege of seeing her in her element, dodging crowds of people through winding dusty alleys, bazaars and markets, all the while haggling and laughing with the locals. Like a wizard on foreign land, she lets her internal compass take her around via boats, trains, tuk tuks, rickshaws, motorcycles, her own two feet and the occasional donkey. Rebecca carefully chooses each vendor she visits, tracking down traditional silversmiths and creators who learned their trade from their parents, and their grandparents before them. She sits with each one, humble and patient with a belly full of tea, surrounded by fine fabrics and eclectic findings to catch up on time passed and tell them exactly what kind of blue she wants. Rebecca even hops from one country to another to combine their wonders, bringing gems from the heart of Madagascar all the way to India to create gorgeous rings and healing amulets for all of us back home to enjoy. Maybe if you’re sneaky you’ll see her on her next trip, winding her way through impossible mazes of cows, dogs, and children, carrying large teetering bundles of goods balanced on her head. That’s how you know something new and wonderful is on its way to Shakti.


Winnipeg, as the epicentre of energy and elements that it is, was the perfect place to open our brick and mortar location. Quickly attracting healers, creators, communicators and souls on every level, Shakti grew and evolved.


We are truly a family as well as a team, and each person is essential. Every one of us specializes in a different area of the store and its many extended projects. We cooperate as a team and as individuals to create the wonderful, homey, and mystifying feeling that is Shakti. When you reach out to us, you will be speaking directly to one of us. Please always feel free to reach out to us, as a whole or as individuals, and we will do our absolute best to get you the assistance you need.