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Cotton Crystal Grid Cloth - Flower Of Life (Beige/Gold)

Cotton Crystal Grid Cloth - Flower Of Life (Beige/Gold)

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Experience the enhanced power of crystal healing with our 100% cotton crystal grids. These grids are carefully designed to harness the energy of selected crystals, arranged in geometric patterns to direct energy towards specific goals. As you infuse the crystals with your intention and energy, the grid becomes a focal point for manifesting your desires.

A crystal grid is not just an arrangement of crystals; it is a potent tool that focuses the Universal Life Force in a precise manner for a particular purpose. Each crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a specific geometric shape, meticulously crafted to channel external energy into a unified energy field tailored to your needs. This focused energy field allows for vibrational interactions between the crystal energies and your aura, spirit, and mind, facilitating healing and wellness.

Our crystal grids work by converting and concentrating external energy, whether it's sound, light, or electromagnetism, into a unified energy field aligned with your intentions. This powerhouse of healing energy enhances the effectiveness of crystal healing, promoting holistic well-being and balance.

Explore our collection of crystal grids featuring unique designs, such as the Beige & Gold Flower of Life print. Available in two sizes to suit your needs.

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Small 30x30cm
Large 40x40cm
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