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Yonyang Handicraft

Fluorite - Star-Cut

Fluorite - Star-Cut

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Fluorite is one of the most collectible and sought after crystals in the world, loved by mineralogists and metaphysical healers alike. Its amazing cube structures are often almost too perfect to believe, emerging like magical formations in matrix rock. Known as the “Genius Stone”, Fluorite represents the highest state of mental achievement, boosting aptitude, the absorption and comprehension of new information, and helping one work through complex issues.

Authentic and high quality crystal beads, brought to you directly from fair trade sources.

Each strand is approximately 16 inches - 8mm. 

Each strand is approximately 16 inches.

Bead Size (mm) Weight (g) Quantity
4 11 115
6 21 67
8 36 50
10 60 38
12 78 32
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