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Yonyang Handicraft

Gua Sha, Rose Quartz

Gua Sha, Rose Quartz

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Gua Sha is designed to lift and sculpt the face and revitalize the skin. Simply follow these 7 steps: 

  1. 1. To begin, start with a freshly cleansed face. Apply your favourite facial oil/moisturizer all over the face and neck.
  2. Take the flat edge of Gua Sha and stroke upwards from the tip of your shoulder to the point where your jaw and ear meet. Repeat 5 times on each side.
  3. Move to the neck and throat. Stroke in upward motions 5 times each area; right, left and middle.
  4. Focus on the jawline with notched edge. Stroke up towards your ear 5 times on both sides.
  5. Switch back to the flat side and focus on the cheeks/cheekbones. Repeat 5 times on each side.
  6. Focus on your forehead. Start in the centre of the forehead and swipe up and out towards the hairline. Repeat 5 times over each eyebrow.
  7. Once complete, clean Gua Sha thoroughly with soap and hot water.

A study on Gua Sha found that the practice can increase microcirculation (circulation in a specific isolated area) by up to 4 times the normal amount. This active, daily increase in circulation in the face can help skin look fresh, full, and give you a healthy glow.

Size: 50g, 95 x 50 x 6mm

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Heather Thompson
For use on face

So amazing on my face.

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