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Yonyang Handicraft



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Hematite is a form of iron oxide mineral that is said to be extremely grounding stone. While most stones have a specific gravity of about 2.5-3, Hematite actually has a gravity of 5.3, making it an extremely heavy stone for its size. Because of this it is said to help you ground into your body and the Earth. It is also thought to help you manifest by bring your intentions down into the material world. Hematite is associated with healing the Root Chakra and is thought to help get your blood moving. It is called Botryoidal Hematite (meaning grape-like) when it forms these beautiful bubbly formations. Hematite is also paramagnetic, which permits varying energy fields to peacefully co-exist with interfering with each other; this quality also helps individuals to peacefully follow their own unique paths without interference from others.

Authentic and high quality crystal beads, brought to you directly from fair trade sources.

Each strand is approximately 16 inches.

Bead Size (mm) Weight (g) Quantity
4 11 115
6 21 67
8 36 50
10 60 38
12 78 32
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